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Learning to use light effectively is absolutely essential for all photographers and no equipment, however sophisticated, can substitute for understanding how light works. The most abundantly (and freely ;-)) available source of light is the Sun itself and it is very important to appreciate how to use Natural Light to our advantage while photographing. And what's more, it can be used even indoors. Working with natural light isn’t all easy as it might seem, there are plenty of aspects that need to be understood in order to avoid making mistakes. Click on the image to view the collection of photos I have taken with natural light, both outdoor and indoor.

Low-key photography is a beautiful technique that brings instant drama and a sense of mystery to an image, but could take a lifetime to master. Like most other forms of artistic photography, it is all about deciding what to illuminate and what to eliminate which can be a terrific challenge to even experienced photographers. It is interesting to note that in this style of photography, shadows are as prominent an element in the image as the subject itself. Click on the image to browse through a gallery of Low-Key portraits that I have shot over the years.

High key Portraiture is a great way to photograph especially kids as it brings a happy and upbeat mood to the scene. A great photo need not have a broad range of tones and High Key photography can produce stunning images using fairly low contrast lighting technique. Hence it is used extensively in advertisements of beauty products, Apparels and accessories. Click on the image to view some images I have made using this technique.